Learn how to design your flyers like a Pro.

For non-designers using any software.

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How many hours do you waste trying to design your own flyers?

Does your heart sink with embarrassment every time you hand out a home-made flyer?

Do you wish you could do it better?


What if you could learn the basic design principles to create your own flyers using the software of your choice? Yes, even Word, Publisher or Powerpoint! You can apply these design principles to any page layout program of your choice to print at home or create your PDF documents.


For many small business people, the cost of engaging a designer to create something as ‘simple’ as a flyer is a little out of reach, so now it’s time to share what I know so that you can DIY and do it well!


Only $9.90AU


This 26 page e-book contains everything you need to know about layout and design to create your own professional-looking flyers to print at home.


You’ll learn about…

  • Page Sizes
  • Margins
  • Grids
  • Fonts
  • Colour
  • Content
  • Images and Pre-press



***Please note the advice in this DIY Flyer Design e-book is not for professional printing. Print houses use only industry specific  programs such as Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. If you are wanting your flyers or brochures or books printed professionally you will need to engage a graphic designer who understands pre-press specifications and uses the industry specific software.***


Here’s what previous purchasers said: 

“FANTASTIC ebook Jeanne.  Beautiful to look at, but also value packed. There was way more content than I expected – you explained how, not just why, which was enormously useful. You are a legend!” Alex Mitchell, www.AuthorSupportServices.com

“Jeanne’s eBook, DIY Flyer Design, is jam-packed full of useful information and technical tips for non-marketers. It is well presented, beautifully designed, and a great showcase of Jeanne’s knowledge and talent!” Emily Cooper, The Admin Assistant


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Only $9.90AU



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